Kaizen Forms & Templates

We hope these downloads are helpful in your important improvement efforts. Feel free to modify and customize the templates to suit your needs — apply Kaizen to our Kaizen templates!

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Kaizen Cards (a.k.a. Idea Cards)


Idea Card / Kaizen Card template    (.pptx)  |   (.pdf)

Version with the back side flipped   (.pdf)  — This was the Kaizen of a client of Mark’s!

Version with dotted lines for manual cutting (.pdf)  — This was the result of a reader suggestion. Kaizen!

Kaizen Reports / Summaries


Quick and Easy Kaizen Report template   (.pptx)  |  (.pdf)

Kaizen Report V2

Modified Version with Photo Boxes  (.pptx) |  (.pdf)


Kaizen Wall of Fame template     (.pptx)   |  (.pdf)

A3 Templates

Forms provided by the Lean Enterprise Institute