Kaizen Kickoff

Feedback from a hospital director, two months after the Kickoff:

“We’ve gotten the traction that we wanted by bringing you in. The foundation has been laid. Now it’s our job to get things off the ground and have it become second nature. Oh, and the Joint Commission was here last month and they were really intrigued by our Kaizen board and process!”

Featured Offering: “Kaizen Kickoff” aka “Kaizen Boot Camp”

  • An on-site, interactive working session for a hospital department that can help establish a pilot Kaizen program in your organization – some theory, lots of action and practice
  • Activities include:
    • Executive overview session
    • 3-hour group seminar including hands-on Kaizen practice and simulation
    • Establishing a “Visual Idea Board” and the use of Idea Cards (or using the KaiNexus software system)
    • One-on-one coaching of managers, supervisors, and directors on facilitating Kaizen with their team members
    • Creating educational / communication materials to be used within the hospital
    • Follow up coaching and mentoring via email, phone, and Skype
  • This can be customized and delivered (with different scopes and deliverables) as:
    • Two days
    • Three days
    • Longer sessions and ongoing consulting and coaching

You can also think of the workshop as “Spring Training” for continuous improvement… preparing you for ongoing continuous improvement that lasts all year. Or you can think of it as “Kaizen Boot Camp,” but without the yelling and calisthenics.

kaizen boot camp

Two-Day Onsite Workshop: Kaizen Kickoff


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More Client Feedback

Feedback from a client, a manager in an academic children’s hospital emergency department:

“Mark Graban’s Kaizen workshop assisted a diverse group of healthcare employees with understanding what Kaizen means and how a Kaizen event can identify inefficiencies in the system. His ability to dissect the process and speak our language was extremely beneficial.

Mr. Graban’s introduction to Kaizen helped to transform a disengaged group into a close-knit team that believes that continual improvement is an effective method of ensuring that our patients receive care in the most efficient way. Thanks, Mark!”

Feedback from another client, the medical director in an academic medical center’s transplant institute:

“We appreciate your visit with us. Staff members were very engaged and your style made it easy for them to adopt the system.”

A client in 2014 said:

“Mark did a great job of working our leaders through this process and gaining their understanding and support for Kaizen. Overall, we thought the Kickoff went very well and doing a pilot on two units was a great way to roll this concept out without creating too much chaos. Specific approaches and tools were provided to help keep the focus on smaller Kaizen ideas for purposes and intent of this program.”

Feedback from a pro-bono version of this workshop that was tested at a non-profit in Fort Worth, TX:

“Since Mark Graban helped us implement a Kaizen program in the business ventures department, the staff have shown great initiative in identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing creative solutions. We have generated some incredible performance improvements by following through on some of the simplest suggestions.”
Katie Hanners
Director of Business Ventures
Catholic Charities Fort Worth