Kaizen Coaching

While Mark Graban loves helping organizations get started with Kaizen through the “Kaizen Kickoff” workshop, there’s often a need for coaching in existing Kaizen programs.

Kaizen often sounds really simple. Yet, in practice, leaders and managers often struggle to engage staff in sustainable continuous improvements. A coach can help, even if you’re already experienced with Kaizen leadership and methods.

Questions that clients ask include the strategic and the tactical:

  • How do we respond to these employee ideas?
  • Where should we get started with Kaizen?
  • How quickly can we spread Kaizen practices throughout the organization?
  • How can we free up time for Kaizen?
  • How do we know when to delegate and when to jump in to help?
  • What’s the proper role for leaders and senior leaders?
  • What reward or recognition system should we have, if any?
  • When is it worth trying to calculate a cost savings from a Kaizen?

Coaching can take place through an on-site visit, as a one off visit or a series of coaching visits over time. On-site coaching is supplemented by phone calls, emails, and video conferences that occur, as needed, between visits. Virtual coaching can be arranged through a number of platforms.

Mark Graban coaching at the “gemba”

Mark Graban and Joe Swartz are both available for your coaching needs. Mark and Joe have different, yet complementary experiences, and can help your organization.


  • Has helped many organizations get started with Kaizen
  • Can help you better engage staff if participation rates are low or have dropped
  • Coaches process improvement departments in how to be better internal coaches
  • Helps front-line managers, middle managers, and senior executives do a better job of leading Kaizen


  • Has helped build a deep culture of continuous improvement as the Director of Business Transformation at Franciscan St. Francis Health system
  • Can help you build an organization-wide Kaizen system and culture
  • Has a passion for coaching others to be better coaches
  • Helps leaders at all levels understand the role and pros and cons of reward and recognition systems and organization-wide tracking and sharing of ideas

Mark and Joe are humble, will respectfully work with staff and leaders at all levels, and will lead by asking questions and getting you to think, rather than just giving you answers, telling you what to do, or sharing rote best practices. We’ll all learn together and improve together, building capabilities that will allow you and your team to succeed!

Let Mark and Joe know what questions you have or what help you need. Contact them today!