Shared by the L&D department at the University of North Carolina Health Care. This kaizen improvement was managed through the KaiNexus software system and was then documented in the Quick and Easy Kaizen format. This was a small improvement that benefitted visitors to the unit. Click the image for a larger view.

Signs for sink areas in Labor and Delivery

From Tom Byrne, MD:

Here is an idea card for improving pt intake into practices.  They have started sending out the forms for pts ahead of time and are tracking how many bring them in filled out, how many not filled out and how many never received them.  It is still in progress.  More to report after the first study cycle.

Front of the card:


Back of the card:

Idea Card Example: No Time for Patients to Fill Out History

This is a kaizen from an ultrasound tech at Franciscan St. Francis (co-author Joe’s organization).

Bubbles for Babies

Bubbles for Babies