Kaizen Live! Optional Pre-Workshop Class

Before you see a culture of continuous improvement, live and in person, get an introduction into core Kaizen principles and methods in this optional workshop.

Dates and Times:

The main Kaizen Live! experience will be held October 3 and 4

  • This optional workshop will be held on Wednesday October 2 \ – $299 per attendee — and early bird pricing applies.

Contact us to be registered and invoiced… you’ll be able to pay online with a credit card.

After our first event in 2015, the voice of the customer told us that it would have been helpful for some people to get more of a “Kaizen 101” discussion before “going to see” at Franciscan. If you register for the main “Kaizen Live!” event, you’ll get access to some online education in advance… but some people would prefer to discuss the concepts in person.

Discounted group pricing is available. Bring a team and let them learn Kaizen together!

About the Workshop:

Mark and Joe will teach and facilitate a workshop with two halves:

  • Morning: Kaizen 101 Basics
  • Afternoon: Kaizen Coaching

Attendees will learn through lecture, discussions, and a hands-on exercises that brings the Kaizen improvement methodology to life in a fun way. Registration is limited to 25 people to ensure a high level of interaction.

Topics will include:

First part of the morning: Discuss and elaborate on the online material, which covers:

  • What is “Kaizen”?
  • How does Kaizen fit with the “Lean” methodology?
  • How is the Kaizen methodology different than suggestion box systems?
  • How are healthcare organizations using Kaizen on a daily basis?
  • How does daily Kaizen fit with weeklong improvement events or workshops?
  • How to engage front-line staff in Kaizen
  • How does a department initiate, track, test, document, and share Kaizen ideas?

Practice Kaizen methods in an interactive, hands-on simulation.

Late morning and afternoon: A deeper dive into Kaizen Coaching

  • Proven coaching principles as practiced by leading continuous improvement organizations
  • How to get permission to coach
  • Coaching by asking questions, and what types of questions to ask at different times
  • Constructively discussing employee ideas, coaching by asking questions, and working toward ideas that can be tested
  • Coaching to effectively work toward “yes” and implement more improvements
  • Mentoring front line staff, managers, and executives
  • Coaching others on being more effective coaches
  • The role of peers, front line managers, middle managers, and executives in coaching continuous improvement
  • Practice and role-playing around coaching on Kaizen ideas

As a result of this seminar, you will have proven, practical skills and methods that can be put in place to:

  • Improve staff engagement
  • Improve quality and patient safety
  • Improve patient and staff satisfaction
  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce delays and waiting times