Method Examples Visual Idea Boards & Other Kaizen Boards

Idea Board in Sweden

From Mark Graban’s trip to Sweden in 2010, an Idea Board (using post-it notes).

Lean Concept Method Examples Visual Idea Boards & Other Kaizen Boards

Idea Board Variation

This idea board includes a “PICK” chart in place of the “To Do” column and adds space for metrics.

Surgery Visual Idea Boards & Other Kaizen Boards

Visual Idea Board at University of Michigan Health System

Posted with permission. I love the use of the “Old English D” of the Detroit Tigers. Also see the simple before and after summaries that are created for the “Done” column. Classic Kaizen. Used in a pre-op surgery clinic at UMHS (University of Michigan Health System).

Visual Idea Boards & Other Kaizen Boards

Kaizen Board at Catholic Charities Fort Worth

Below is the photo of a new Kaizen board, started about 3 weeks ago, at a non-profit that Mark has done some pro-bono consulting for – Catholic Charities Fort Worth.

They have a pilot board that’s being used by staff and leaders in two socially-conscious businesses that sell services and products to raise money for CCFW – Translation and Interpretation Network (TIN) and WORN, both part of their “Business Ventures” group. The colors of the cards indicate if an idea is for TIN, WORN, or the general BV area. They are hoping to spread these methods into other service areas, including those that provide refugee services and some free healthcare clinics.

A3 East TN Children's Hospital Visual Visual Idea Boards & Other Kaizen Boards

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital “CI Board”

CI Board Explanation

This is the continuous improvement board we use in our PICU to help promote and progress daily kaizen. We meet around it weekly for quick 15 minute meetings to discuss ideas, problem solving progress and to celebrate continuous improvements wins. It is divided into four sections:

1) Front Line Walks: This section is for key stakeholder and management to sign off that they have attended a quick stand up meeting or completed a gemba walk in the department. It is a visual tool to help move our management style to a lean culture of “Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect”

2) Problems to Solve: This is the visual idea board discussed in Mark’s book Healthcare Kaizen. Staff members pin their idea cards onto the board. We then discuss these ideas as group including all affected departments and talk about ideas “To Do”. In addition, we have started taking the “To Do” ideas cards to the staff lounge and let the frontline staff vote on the next problem “To Do”. This has helped staff that cannot attend the meeting have a voice in the process. Once an idea card has been started we then move it to the “Doing” column. Finally when the idea has been implemented we move it the “Complete” column.

3) A3: This section is dedication to the problem solving of the idea cards. We use the A3 problem solving process to help ensure that we are practicing “Second Order” problem solving and not creating more work around or short term fixes. We want to get to the root cause of these problems so that they never occur again.

4) Kaizen Wall of Fame: This area is used to celebrate completed idea cards and A3’s. We post these both on the department continuous improvement board and on a bulletin board outside of our cafeteria. Our hope is that we can share these solutions with other departments throughout the hospital and help them implement these improvements.

Visual Idea Boards & Other Kaizen Boards

Visual Idea Board from Foundation Medical Partners

Submitted by Tom Byrne, MD:

In December after watching Mark’s kaizen webinar, I made my own version of the idea card and convinced the manager where I was working (I cover for about 18 practices and was working there for several weeks in a row) to try the idea card. Attached is a photo of her idea board. It is now being adopted by several other practices in the organization. The manager is updating her spreadsheet of projects and I hope to be able to share particulars on projects soon.