Beyond Budgeting Kaizen Class

Thanks for having me come present at the Beyond Budgeting conference! Please do keep in touch about your progress, lessons learned, or challenges from your Kaizen efforts.

Some links to people and books that I mentioned:

Here are the Franciscan Kaizen videos that are on my website.

Below, you can view or download (as PDF) the slides from my session. There are other resources below the slides…

Download Mark Graban Kaizen Full Day Beyond Budgeting (PDF) from Mark Graban

Thanks again for letting me participate.

There’s material in the slides that I didn’t cover. Let me know if you have questions about any of that.

Here’s a video of me talking about the idea of “making excuses” vs. “breaking barriers” as the one slide refers to:

You might also be interested in a webinar that I am doing next month, with Joe Swartz, on the topic of “Kaizen Coaching” (click to register).

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