Increased Use of Specialty Pharmacy

Increased Use of Specialty Pharmacy

This Kaizen was an “Opportunity for Improvement” (OI) that was identified and completed by a KaiNexus customer using the KaiNexus collaborative improvement platform software.

This Kaizen is worth about $2.7 million of additional revenue per year for just this one clinic and the system is looking to spread this practice to other clinics, based on the initial success.

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  • […] Now, the Kaizen improvement we came up with is a VERY minor time savings — but that’s OK. We were signing about 30 books, so the time savings was multiplied a bit (imagine if this was a daily work process done many times). With Kaizen, we don’t just tolerate small improvements, we encourage them. Small improvements are great. They help build enthusiasm and participation and that leads to more Kaizen (some of which can have a huge impact, like this example). […]

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